Vienna one of the safest European travel destinations

5 Jun

Vienna one of the safest European travel destinations

Vienna voted one of the safest European travel destinations by “European Best Destination”.

More and more European countries are gradually opening their borders to travelers again, as our Hotel Zipser and flights. With this regained freedom of travel, it is important to know which countries or cities will be safe. The travel portal “European Best Destination” has recently selected the twenty safest places in Europe. Vienna is one of the few cities on this list.

“Austria has been less affected than any European countries with up to 10 times fewer infected people than anywhere else in Europe. 

Vienna is visited by history buffs, lovers, families looking for a safe and peaceful destination throughout the year. Vienna is often selected for this reason which is not only a feeling but a reality: the rate of criminal offenses is 3 times lower in this capital than in any other European capitals. 

With many parks and environmentally friendly means of transport, Vienna is one of the cities with the best quality of life in Europe. It is a good compromise for city breakers and nature lovers!”

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Picture: © WienTourismus-Christian Stemper