Restaurants open on Christmas and New Year’s Eve

17 Dec

Restaurants open on Christmas and New Year’s Eve

For all those who do not want to spend Christmas or New Year’s Eve at home, the Viennese restaurants are once again offering a wealth of possibilities. We want to help you with this article to find restaurants in Vienna, which also opened on December 24th and December 31th.

Restaurants open on Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Numerous Viennese restaurants are also open on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and offer a variety of dishes from Christmas carps to Christmas goose, as well as exotic delights. Although many restaurants will be open, we still recommend reserving a table for Christmas Eve!

Traditional Christmas dishes in Vienna

Until a few decades ago, it was common for Christmas to fast. Only after the Mette there was a sumptuous feast. Most of the Austrian families have a festive meal during December 24th. For some families, however, the feast is celebrated on Christmas Day, December 25th.

Traditionally carp, goose or simply sausages are eaten for Christmas. The city dwellers prefer mainly fish and poultry. The more modern Christmas dishes in Vienna include turkey, duck or cold dishes with all kinds of delicacies from smoked salmon to sausage delicacies and cheese platters.

Especially in Vienna sweet bakeries such as biscuits, cakes and countless other delicacies can not be missing. These are hot coffee, hot chocolate or cocoa or tea. In Vienna, the high culture of the sweet Christmas goodies is held up literally and everyone Vienna may well be called his personal favorite Christmas cookie.

Traditional cuisine on New Year’s Eve

Fireworks, good lucky charms and a lively night in the city that belongs to New Year’s Eve in Vienna. Likewise, in the city of culinary delights but also include food and drink. Superstition is just as much a part of New Year’s Eve as boisterous parties, so traditional New Year’s Eve food is also about happiness. On New Year’s Eve you should not eat poultry, as luck could fly away. For that luck dishes such as pork or fish are often eaten. Also, lentils are among the traditional foods, as they should bring blessings.

A glass of sparkling wine is chinked at midnight, while the Pummerin heralds the start of the New year.

Picture: © WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud