14 Nov

Vienna Christmas Dream

Every year again! As soon as the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, longs to be back to hot punch, cotton candy, twinkling lights and Christmas decorations. From November 15th to December 26th, the Vienna Town Hall Square will be transformed for over 30 years every year in a unique Viennese Christmas dream!
12 Nov

Vienna in Winter

Frost and snow hold Vienna firmly in winter. If you are prepared for a downgrade, you will enjoy the wintry Vienna. From winter walks in a snow-covered park to cultural events, in winter Vienna offers special moments that make this time of the year special. Make yourself winterproof and do not forget your camera, because...
19 Oct


Vienna is once again focusing on the “57th Viennale”, which will take place this year from October 24th to November 07th 2019 and is considered Austria’s most important Film Festival.
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