18 May

13. Wiener Donaukanaltreiben

From Friday May 24th to Sunday May 26th 2019, the “Wiener Donaukanaltreiben” (Danube Canal Festival) takes place for the 13th time, a three-day festival for music, art and culture on the Vienna Danube Canal. The inner-city water vein is a hotspot of the urban cultural and gastronomic scene as well as recreational area.
26 Apr

12. Genuss-Festival in Vienna’s Stadtpark

Traditionally at the Mother’s Day weekend – from the May 10th to the May 12th 2019 – the “Genuss Festival” takes place in the Viennese Stadtpark for the twelfth time. The event is organized annually by the culinary heritage of Austria and the Main capital Vienna and in cooperation with the Agricultural Market Austria, Casinos...
25 Mar

Easter Markets in Vienna

Vienna’s Easter markets are worth a visit every year. Enjoy spring in Vienna with culinary delights, a colorful music program and stroll between large and small hand crafts. Buy hand-painted Easter decorations and wooden souvenirs for your loved ones at home. Snife on fragrant flowers and listen to the music in the markets, that has...
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