10 Jul

Summer Locations in Vienna

It is summer in the capital of Austria and it is hot again. To escape the summer heat and to soak up some summer atmosphere, the Viennese flock to the city’s many beach clubs. While sipping a beer, wine or cocktail in the sun in comfortable beach lounger visitors can bury their feet in the...
15 Jun

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn

Schönbrunns Baroque park turns every summer for an evening in a festive open-air concert hall. On Thursday, May 20th 2019 from 08:45 pm, the annual Open-Air Summer Night Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic will take place in the unique ambience of Schönbrunn Palace and the Park, which is part of UNESCU World Cultural Heritage.
9 Jun

36. Danube Island Festival

The Danube Island Festival attracts with its varied program around 3 million annual visitors to the large area between the North and Reichsbrücke. The 36th Danube Island Festival will take place from June 21th to June 23rd this year and, as always, will delight visitors with a colorful mix of all genres.
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