20 Mar

Natural History Museum

If you want to visit one of the numerous museums while visiting Vienna, you cannot ignore the two “siblings of the Vienna museums”. The majestic Museum of Natural History and its counterpart, the Museum of Art History, are situated right on Ringstraße and across from Hofburg Palace.
26 Feb

Museum of Art History

As a mirror image of the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art History, together with the statue of Maria Theresa, make up an impressive ensemble on the border of the central city, right on the Vienna Ringstraße and as part of the city expansions and construction of the commissioned Vienna Ringstraße.
3 Feb

Augarten: Modern & chic

After our first article about the Augarten, in which we wrote about the porcelain factory and the baroque garden, we now look at the modern world of the Augarten. It has not only been a place of amusement for the people of Vienna for the last few centuries, but today it is a centre of art...
11 Jan

Augarten – a “place of recreation”

The oldest maintained baroque garden in Vienna at 52,000 sqm was built in the mid-17th century as an imperial recreational garden. The “Alta Favorita” garden palace was destroyed in the second Turkish siege and Augarten Palace was rebuilt in 1705. Today, the palace houses the exhibition and sales rooms of the Augarten Porcelain Factory and...
12 Dec

26. Vienna Ice Dream

From December 24th 2020, the fantastically lit facade of the Viennese Town Hall once again forms the backdrop for the annual “Vienna Ice Dream”. A short walk within the Hotel Zipser you will reach this annual spectacle, which is already taking place for the 26th time.
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