Augarten: Modern & chic

15 Sep

Augarten: Modern & chic

After our first article about the Augarten, in which we wrote about the porcelain factory and the baroque garden, we now look at the modern world of the Augarten. It has not only been a place of amusement for the people of Vienna for the last few centuries, but today it is a centre of art and culture, relaxation and enjoyment. Thus the Augarten is truly a part of the Bobo-quarter and is one of the coolest places in Vienna. A short walk around the modern parts of the baroque garden.


TBA21 Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Augarten

Founded by Francesca Habsburg in 2002, TBA21 stands for contemporary art and its promotion. Since 2012, TBA21 has been located in the former Augarten workshop, which originally served the Viennese Belvedere as an exhibition space. TBA21 is a place of art, design and creativity, in which not only visual experience is the focus, but also where there is room for dialogue and entertainment. In addition to the ever-changing exhibitions, there is also time for entertainment, in the form of concerts, lectures and debate evenings at TBA21.


Café-Restaurant The AU

The perfect complement to intellectual indulgence is TheAU, connected to TBA21. The café-restaurant, which impresses with its contemporary architecture, serves traditional cuisine with a touch of modernity. With its innovative menu, peppered with extravagant arrangements and fresh vegetables, the AU stands apart from other museum cafes.


The MuTh

At the end of 2012, the Vienna Boys’ Choir got their own concert hall, the House of Music and Theatre, which is known for its acoustics. But the MuTh is more than a venue for the world-renowned ensemble. It’s also a meeting place which, thanks to brilliant spatial acoustics, even for rock and jazz concerts or theatre performances, offers a great experience.


Film Archive

The Austrian Film Archives are constantly growing and currently include more than 60,000 films, 15,000 posters and approximately 30,000 books. The film library can be seen in the specially equipped study centre as well as in the modern studio cinema. Among the Film Archives’ most popular events is the annual open-air film festival in the Augarten, which shows films that have almost been forgotten.


The Bunkerei

In the center of town and yet surrounded by nature lies the Bunkerei. The down-to-earth and cosy trendy bar, which is housed in a former bomb shelter, is a meeting place for artists and families enthused by its Viennese sociability. In addition to great dishes, the restaurant scores with a selected cultural program that provides entertainment for young and old.


Have fun exploring!

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