Autumn in Vienna

19 Sep

Autumn in Vienna

Autumn in Vienna paints with the same unique, warm colors and lighting moods like nowhere else. The extreme heat waves are now over and the weather is more moderate again: This time of the year is ideal for excursions and long walks or even hikes. The culinary delights from the region are not neglected in autumn either. Let yourself be enchanted by all kinds of specialties and delicacies at the markets and restaurants in Vienna.

Vienna is a green city with trees and plants in every corner. When it is just gray and gloomy in other cities, you can experience the seasons in every street in Vienna. Flaming red avenues and colorful leaves that gently float on the gravel paths in the parks enchant everyone who takes the time.

Autumn activities in Vienna

Vienna offers a wide range of activities in autumn. Because of the more pleasant temperatures, many Viennese and visitors go on extended excursions in and around the city. The autumn months are often packed with culture, entertainment and enjoyment.

Enjoyable into autumn

In autumn you can enjoy the Viennese coffee house culture. Many visitors are overwhelmed by the multitude of different coffees that are offered in the Viennese coffee house. In addition to the Viennese coffee houses, tea houses are also part of the Viennese culinary culture.

If you really want to have a good time, you can also indulge yourself in Vienna. Various wellness offers from Therme Wien to various spas and masseurs ensure warmth and relaxation.

Especially in autumn you shouldn’t miss out on the wonderful wine of the Viennese vineyards. Take a trip to Stammersdorfer Kellergasse or Grinzing, for example, and taste the best wines in Vienna at the Heuriger and in the wine taverns in the Kellergassen. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere.