Vienna in Winter

12 Nov

Vienna in Winter

Frost and snow hold Vienna firmly in winter. If you are prepared for a downgrade, you will enjoy the wintry Vienna. From winter walks in a snow-covered park to cultural events, in winter Vienna offers special moments that make this time of the year special. Make yourself winterproof and do not forget your camera, because Vienna offers especially in the winter time unique moods that you do not want to forget.

With the new year, the ball season, which experienced its peak in the world famous Opera Ball began. The numerous balls in Vienna range from formal and classy to exuberant and whimsical. What they all have in common is that dance is at the center of these events. Several skating rinks invite you to skate. As of January, the Vienna Ice Dream opened again in the Rathauspark, near the hotel.

Vienna at winter time

Winter is not always blessed with snow in Vienna, but we know from experience that the snow is definitely coming. But even without snow, it can be really romantic in winter, but also scary beautiful in Vienna. In any case, unique scenic scenes arise. Numerous cultural events invite you, for example, to warm up at concerts, in the theater, in the opera or in the museum.

Take a walk in one of the snowy parks. In winter, even in the center of the city, it is always a little quieter and contemplative. To warm up, we recommend a visit to one of the numerous and world-famous Viennese coffee houses. Do not forget your camera or video camera, because you want to capture the unique lighting moods and magical views of Vienna, which you can experience in winter, as a reminder.

Schloss Schönbrunn: Die Gloriette

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