29. Viennese Ice Dream

5 Jan

29. Viennese Ice Dream

From January 19, 2024, the beautifully illuminated facade of Vienna City Hall will once again form the backdrop for what is now the “29th Vienna Ice Dream”.

Romantic winter landscape in the middle of the city

Until March 3rd – daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. – Vienna’s Rathausplatz and the surrounding park will be transformed into a wonderfully romantic ice skating rink with an ice surface of around 8,500 m². The “Sky Rink”, which has been enlarged by 150 m² and is connected via a 120 meter long ramp and platform on the 1st floor, enables ice skating on two levels. The ice skating rink, much loved by Viennese and tourists alike, takes ice skating fans back onto the ice against the magnificent backdrop of the town hall and was free to use on the opening day! An enlarged ice rink is available free of charge as a practice area for younger ice skaters – all day on weekends and Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Curling will also be offered again on eight lanes from 5 p.m.

Dream path and other special features

In addition to the large ice rink on Rathausplatz, a 500-meter-long, winding dream path leads through the romantically lit, wintery Rathauspark, which is particularly popular with couples who can do laps away from the turbulent ice skating rink and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. A bridge over the dream path offers the opportunity to watch the colorful hustle and bustle from above and enjoy the unique ambience of the Vienna Ice Dream. This year, the catering industry also offers regional and 100% organic products.

Ice skates rental

For visitors of the Viennese Ice Dream a skates rental of 2.0000 shoes preheated with warm air is offered on the main square and allows spontaneous excursions on the ice.

Picture: © Stadt Wien Marketing