Viennese Ice Dream 2022

13 Jan

Viennese Ice Dream 2022

From January 19th 2022, the fantastically lit facade of the Viennese Town Hall once again forms the backdrop for the annual “Viennese Ice Dream“. A short walk within the Hotel Zipser you will reach this annual spectacle, which is already taking place for the 27th time.

Romantic winter landscape in the middle of the city

Until March 06th 2022, the Town Hall Square as well as the surrounding park will be transformed again into a dreamlike romantic ice rink with an ice surface of around 9.500 m². The “Sky Rink”, connected by a 120-meter-long ramp and new platform on the 1st floor, enables ice skating on two levels. The skating rink, which is very popular among Viennese as well as tourists, in front of the impressive backdrop of the town hall, leads ice skaters on the black ice and can also be used free of charge on the opening day!

For the small ice runners, an enlarged exercise area is available free of charge – on weekends all day and Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. Weekdays from 05:00 pm, this area will be transformed into eight curling rinks, where the visitors can prove their sporting spirit.

Dream path and other special features

Besides to the large ice surface at Town Hall square, a 500-meter-long, winding dream path leads through the romantic illuminated, wintery Park, particularly popular with couples, to spin off the turbulent skating rink and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. A bridge over the Dream path offers an opportunity to watch the colorful activity from above and enjoy the unique ambience of the Viennese ice dream.

Safe ice skating fun

Due to the COVID safety regulations, the “2-G rule” (vaccinated or recovered) as well as an FFP2 mask requirement apply to the entire area. Furthermore, all visitors must register with their name and telephone number in order to enable targeted contact tracing in the event of an emergency. This registration can be done online or on site. If you also buy your ticket online, you save 10% on the admission price.

Ice skates rental

For visitors of the Viennese Ice Dream a skates rental of 2.0000 shoes preheated with warm air is offered on the main square and allows spontaneous excursions on the ice.

  • Where: Rathausplatz 1, A-1010 Vienna
  • When: January 19th to March 06th 2022  
  • Web:   Viennese Ice Dream


Picture: © Stadt Wien Marketing (Christian Jobst / PID David Bohmann)