Vienna Opera Ball

10 Feb

Vienna Opera Ball

On February 28th 2019, the Vienna State Opera once again turn into the most famous and elegant ballroom in the world. The “Vienna Opera Ball” which takes place in the halls of the State Opera annually on the last Thursday before the End of Carnival, is universally recognized as the utterly highlight of the ball season.

The Ball of balls

Among the approx. 400 ball events, the opera ball is most recognized by numerous stars visiting the ball from all over the world and the huge media interest. However, it requires a lot of organization from 350 workers and 150 assistants during the reconstruction phase, after all, the seating must be dismantled, the dance floor and stage boxes must be build and many other things needs to rebuilt before the red carpet can welcome the numerous local and international ball guests. The ball of artists and cultural creators, which takes place under the organization of Maria Großbauer, is an event that attracts attention worldwide. The entrance ceremony of the young ladies and gentlemen Committee is annually one of the highlights of the Opera Ball. About 144 debutant couples from 13 different countries open the ball this year for the first time under the leadership of the Upper Austrian dance school Santner.

All Opera

@ WienTourismus - Peter Rigaud

The debutantes wear the “Tiara” by the Austrian company Swarovski, designed this year by the Italian designer Versace. As inspiration, a key scene from Richard Wagner’s “Das Rheingold” in which a ray of sunlight penetrates the depths of the Rhine to reveal the gold protect from the three Rhine maidens. The coveted headdress has been an integral part of the opening of the Vienna Opera Ball for 60 years, and each debutante will receive the high-quality tiara as a present from Swarovski. Debutants will receive among other things a hand-sewn handkerchief from the Viennese shirt manufacturer Venturini. The ball begins after the entrance of the Austrian Federal President in his lodge. After the famous words “Alles Walzer” the floor is finally opened for the dance enthusiasts ball visitors.

Traditional side trip to the Würstelstand

And for a tasty little snack in between the ball, the “Bitzinger” beside the Albertina is a quick and well known side-trip from the Opera ball. Only here, ball-goers in elegant tailcoat and floor-length evening dresses meets on tourists, night owls or taxi drivers. The range extends over Käsekrainer, Burenwurst and Frankfurter sduassages, each with a piece of bread and sweet or spicy mustard as a side dish and peppers and pickled cucumber. Local beer or a wine round off the sidesep to the Würstelstand.

Fledermaus and Orpheus Quadrillen

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The Fledermaus- und Orpheus-Quadrille is an integral part of the ball at midnight. In this form of the quadrille every dancing step is announced during the dance. The quadrille will be repeated after midnight at 02:00am and at 04:00am in the morning. Around 06:00am in the morning, the work begins again with the cleaning and dismantling, so that the Viennese state opera can resume the accustomed operation.

From the Hotel Zipser you can reach the State Opera in a few minutes by public transport.

  • When: February 28th 2019, Admission from 08:40pm
  • Where: Vienna State Opera, Opernring 2, 1010 Vienna
  • Web: Vienna Opera Ball
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Pictures: @ WienTourismus – Peter Rigaud

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