Haus des Meeres

25 Sep

Haus des Meeres

The “Haus des Meeres” is located in a former flak tower (anti-aircraft plant) in the middle of the Esterhazypark and is one of three zoos of the city of Vienna beside the Schönbrunn Zoo and the Lainzer Tiergarten.

Opened in 1957, the Aqua Terra Zoo houses the largest aquarium in Austria, with around 300,000 liters tank. On more than 4,000 m² more than 10,000 animals are shown. Among the highlights are the large aquariums with sharks, piranhas, a sea turtle, many corals and colorful fish as well as the tropical house and the Krokipark with its free-flying birds and running monkeys and the Atlantic Tunnel.

Atlantiktunnel © Daniel Zupanc
Puppi © Günther Hulla
Tropenhaus © Daniel Zupanc
Lisztaffen © Günther Hulla
Haibecken © Daniel Zupanc
Steinkorallenbecken © Günther Hulla


Anyone who wants can watch the sharks and piranhas beeing fed or attend the shark diving every Thursday at 06:00pm asking the diver questions trough underwater radio. Every Friday at 02:00 pm, the microscopic world of the sea will be explained on a large screen in the lecture hall under expert guidance.

The exhibition “Remembrance within the Interior” deals with the history of the construction and use of the Flak Tower during the war. The exhibition will include original exhibits and artifacts from the flak tower.

After a tour of Haus des Meeres you can enjoy in addition to light refreshments and snacks a fantastic panoramic view over the city in “Ocean Sky” Cafe.

  • When: daily from 09:00am – 08:00pm, Attention: Mouth/Nose Protection required!
  • Where: Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1, 1060 Wien
  • Information: Haus des Meeres

From the Hotel Zipser you reach the house of the sea with the bus line “13A”, station “House of the Sea” or with the subway line “U3” to the station “Neubaugasse”. You can reserve your room quickly and conveniently through this page.

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Contribution Picture: Flakturm © Hans Novak

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