Volkskundemuseum Wien

1 Jun

Volkskundemuseum Wien

Before the urgently needed general renovation of the “Gartenpalais Schönborn” starts in autumn 2024, an extensive programme of performances, discourses and exhibitions will take place under the motto “before it gets better”.

Not far from the Hotel Zipser, at Laudongasse 15-19, is the Austrian Museum of Folklore. Founded in 1895 by Michael Haberlandt and Wilhelm Hein as a club museum, representatives of the House of Habsburg acted as protectors for the club. In 1920, the museum was reopened in the Schönborn Garden Palace after the museum had moved from the stock exchange to the Schönborn Garden Palace in 1917.

The collections (already dismantled due to renovation) covered all areas of the former monarchy, but the inventory also included objects from numerous other European countries (crown lands), but the objects exhibited in the Palais Schönborn mostly come from pre-industrial society from the 17th century to the present, with the main focus on the 19th century. The collections mainly included everyday objects such as toys, furniture and ceramic objects, but also two farmhouse rooms and city models.

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Picture: Craig Dillon Copyright Volkskundemuseum Wien

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