Spittelberg – idyll in the middle of the city

4 Apr

Spittelberg – idyll in the middle of the city

The Spittelberg is mostly known due to the beautiful Christmas market during wintertime. It is one of the most dreamy and pleasant places of Vienna. In spring and summer this idyllic place in the middle of Vienna offers room to get some time out, enjoying the sun and exploring some traditional handcrafts.

Before Christmas, the Spittelberg is in full swing – people meet at the market to see their friends and families, buying Christmas presents and drinking the traditional “Glühwein”. You should visit this place at least once before Christmas and inhale the Viennese Christmas atmosphere.

In summertime the market at Spittelberg is often forgotten – even though there are wonderful handcraft markets (You can find the dates for 2013 at the end of this article) You should seize the opportunity to pass by – Viennese Handcrafts are special and have a long tradition. Even there isn’t taking place any market – the Spittelberg is worth a visit. It is a wonderful place to take a break, for a beer or enjoy a “Schnitzel” under the beautiful trees. Thanks to the pedestrian zone you nearly won’t be disturbed by traffic noise.

Small, cosy and quite – If you stay a little longer you quickly forget that you are in a big city. Sitting in the centre of Vienna and somehow you could be in the middle of a small village – wonderful.

One reason for the cosiness might be the fact that the Spittelberg was a suburb of Vienna until 1850 and years after got a part of todays “Neubau” zone, the seventh district of Vienna. After a few years as one of the less popular areas of Vienna, it got what it is today: one of the best preserved areas with many houses from the Biedermeier period – narrow streets, good restaurants and pleasant galleries – a place to be, that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.



For those who want to visit a handcraft market, here are the dates for Spring / Summer 2013:

  • 4. – 5. May Handcraft Market
  • 1. – 2- June Handcraft Market
  • 15. – 16. June “Art & Wine” Wine Market – Wine Tasting Austrian Wines
  • 6. – 7. July Handcraft Market
  • 3. – 4. August Handcraft Market
  • 7. – 8. September Handcraft Market
  • 5. – 6. October Handcraft Market

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