Wiener Festwochen 2023

30 Apr

Wiener Festwochen 2023

The opening of the “Wiener Festwochen” on May 12th, 2023, in front of the atmospheric backdrop of the Viennese Town Hall will again be a unique spectacle this year.

36 Productions in 5 weeks

The “Wiener Festwochen” under Christophe Slagmuylder intendancy is the contemporary cultural festival of the city, which takes place every year for five weeks between May and June. 165 performances at 20 locations, from May 12th to June 21st, 2023 the “Wiener Festwochen” presents theater, opera and dance productions from all parts of the world. Performances, music theater, drama and dance will enrich the festival this year.

The ceremonial opening of the “Wiener Festwochen” on May 12th at 09:20 pm on the Rathausplatz in Vienna has already become a tradition. Admission to this open air, broadcast live worldwide, is free! The detailed program of the Wiener Festwochen can be found under Festwochen Programm. Tickets can be preordered online!

From Hotel Zipser it is only a short walk to the Viennese Town Hall Square. In just a few minutes you are on the spot to experience and enjoy the Live opening of the “Wiener Festwochen”.

  • When: from May 12th to June 21st 2023
  • Where: Vienna Town Hall Squarez & different other Venues
  • Website: “Wiener Festwochen”
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Picture: © Ines Bacher